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Professional uses for RPAS, means using a tool that will allow to decrease expenses in an incredibly powerful way. For PAISAJES GALLEGOS it means finally being able to perform tasks that simply were not possible using any other method. Flying an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) enables the creation of new procedures that impact everything from operations to the bottom line.

PAISAJES GALLEGOS faces future operations flying UAVs for commercial purposes in various industries, whether it’s oil & gas, construction, precision agriculture, process & utilities, mining & aggregates or civil infrastructure, dealing with UAV operations ourselves and offering these tasks as an outsourcing as a service provider.
Our Team is embracing new technologies to be able to developed innovative approaches and capabilities to perfom a revolutionary change in the paradigm of future changes in a very real way impacting the industry for the better. We are facing a process faster and easier when compared to traditional approaches. RPAS can be used to very quickly set up any base of operation that is network hubs for wireless communications which will give ground crews what they need to deal with the situation.

PAISAJES GALLEGOS will continue to become much more sophisticated and handle more complicated tasks to develop serve niche markets, which will enable us to satisfy requested capabilities.

Our goal is to create our best value to incorporate all tools to “Know Before You Fly” to provide operators any information and guidance they need to fly safely and responsibly.

PAISAJES GALLEGOS we are a fully Spanish Licensed RPAS Operator. We are ready to offer and to provide by the most sophisticated “taylor made” services to our clients requirements relating:

• Surveying & Mapping
Civil Infrastructure
• Process, Power & Utilities
• Mining & Aggregates
• Construction
• Law Enforcement
• Security & Emergency Response
• Search & Rescue
• Precision Agriculture